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RE/MAX is the international company not only the leader in the sale of real estate franchises, but also in terms of the number of properties sold, the number of agents and offices worldwide, and most importantly, it leads the number of satisfied customers!

A satisfaction that is mainly due to the fact that RE/MAX and its exclusive work system is designed by and for the benefit of all the actors involved in the real estate business. Sellers, buyers, Real Estate Agents and entrepreneurs will find the greatest benefits in the company.

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Services are different because RE/MAX is different. We offer an exclusive treatment and service from the first moment. Some of the services that identify us are the valuation of properties carried out on properties already sold and the real closing prices of the same in the notary, unlike other valuations that only take into account the properties for sale (and therefore reference prices). errors, which on many occasions is what is requested but not what ends up being obtained), legal services, financial services, the MLS, support throughout the buying and selling process, professional photography services, issuance of Energy Efficiency Certificates… All these services differentiate us from the rest and allow us to have our own identity.
Above all, you must demand that you be a professional in the real estate sector, that is, that you are trained, knowledgeable about the market, that you are committed to the sale of your property, and that you have full dedication to the sale of your home.
The buyer must require the agent to have a global knowledge of the real estate market, that is, they must not only require absolute knowledge of what they are selling, the real estate agent is also obliged to know all the processes of buying and selling real estate.
It is based on a series of processes that begin with a Comparative Market Analysis of the property to be sold, then informing the owner of the current Market Value of their property in order to specify the sale price that allows the property to be sold at a reasonable period of time. The next step once the sale price has been established is a specific marketing plan. For the sale of the property, depending on the characteristics of the property, the most suitable means of promoting the property for its sale are studied: letters, mailings, mailboxes, placement of the poster, national and international real estate portals, etc… The property is then uploaded with all the features and photos of the property to the RE/MAX website, and in this way the property automatically appears in the MLS system . and in more than 30 real estate portals. The RE/MAX work system requires excellent customer service, to know exactly what people are looking for and not waste time on unnecessary visits, in this way potential interested buyers are qualified and filtered, optimizing the agent’s time very valuable real estate and the owner is not bothered with meaningless visits. Finally, something very important in our work system is the synergy that exists with the client, that is, the agent continuously informs the owner of everything he is doing for his house and the results of the calls, visits, offers, etc. in such a way that the owner has absolute control regarding the work of selling his property.
The agent intervenes in all the buying and selling processes , which begins from the moment the associated agent shows the client the house of their dreams until the handover of the keys. The agent accompanies the buyer, advises on the correct market price, negotiates purchase proposals on his behalf, prepares the necessary documents for marking the home through a deposit contract, provides financing to buyers if necessary, and finally intervenes. in the purchase-sale deed, providing advice to the client at all times .

The agent has them, since he has continuous training at the RE / MAX School at his disposal. He must have knowledge, among others, in fiscal and financial matters, real estate valuations, real estate law, marketing and sales…

The client is looking for a serious and professional agency. Look for an agency with great possibilities, which has an important position in the sector, but above all, look for a professional in the real estate sector in this agency. This is a business of people and what makes the client finally opt for one agency or another, is that the real estate agent with whom he deals is prepared and that he knows how to transmit confidence and security.
It is of great importance to look for a consolidated agency in the market, whose years of professional experience guarantee the knowledge and the seriousness and continuity of its work.

First of all because it is the only way to sell a property at the best price in the shortest possible time. The client makes sure that the real estate agency is going to put all the efforts into the sale of his house, that is, he is going to invest money in the sale of his house to sell it in the shortest possible time.
The owner has a single interlocutor who defends his interests in the market, instead of dealing with multiple agents whose interests will be those of the buyer they bring, ignoring the client’s motivations and the property in depth, who do not have the property documentation to detect possible incidents before they happen and that by not having any commitment signed with the client they do not have any type of responsibility neither in the commercial actions to be carried out, nor in their result, nor in informing the owner client about its evolution, etc. .
Having an open property at any price, without advising the client about the real possibilities of sale, adding advertising for a property to portals where there are already several advertisements for it with different information, prices, photos, etc… that only generates confusion in the buyers’ market, distrust and delays in the sales process.

The MLS is a multiple listing of properties, in which the best real estate professionals share their properties. This system is unbeatable and innovative in Spain, which offers the client all the possibilities of the market. The operation is very simple, the real estate agent who has captured the property exclusively uploads it to the MLS system, and from that moment the property is marketed through an unbeatable network of points of sale, the property meets the demands of clients of the entire network, thus multiplying the possibilities of sale, any of the MLS agents can offer the property to their buyer clients regardless of the name of the real estate agency that has the exclusive right, but always acting through the real estate agent capturing said property who It is the one that represents and defends the interests of the owner-seller.

I would tell the client to choose a real estate professional both to buy and sell a house, because he is the best person to advise him on all matters related to the purchase and sale of real estate. He will save time, money, and will avoid possible troubles. Therefore, my advice is that instead of avoiding the presence of real estate agents or allowing them only if it does not entail the signing of any commitment, do a casting, receive visits from some agents of recognized and prestigious companies in the sector and compare the agencies that They work in the real estate sector, and it will distinguish the agent and the RE/MAX brand, symbol of a solid and professional work system, among all the others.

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